mysterious elf*ru - питомник кошек породы Девон Рекс

Kennel's history

There is our little nursery of Devon Rex in the Viborg and it is registered in the reference system WCF.

Our nursery monopedigree. We are engaged in Devon Rex cats. All of our pupils attend trade shows in three different systems WCF / FIFE / CFA. All animals live in love and care. Our babies - kittens leave our home no earlier than 3.5 months of age. They are vaccinated, chipped. We love our pets, and of course we would like to in the new house kittens receive love and care for the person. Having the desire to acquire Devon Rex kitten you have to understand that this is a very unusual creature. Not only do they have an unusual appearance, but also constantly need to communicate with the man. Devonchiki for me the most unusual cat, they are intelligent, loyal, sociable. Not for nothing about this breed say they are cat-dog-monkey in one.