mysterious elf*ru - питомник кошек породы Девон Рекс

About breed

Country of origin: United Kingdom.

In 1960. in the English county of Devonshire a Miss Beryl Cox picked up an abandoned coal mine near the mongrel cat with curly hair. By crossing it with the tri-colored cat was born with a cat curled hair, which the hostess gave the nickname Kyrle. However, the deal did not work out further: it mated with a cat Cornish Rex was unsuccessful, all kittens was  founded with straight hair. This meant that both gene mutation responsible for these animals, Devonshire Cat and Cornish Rex cats were different and recessive. In order to still try to fix the mutated gene Devonian cat, decided to resort to the incestuous breeding. The joint efforts of the British, French and American breeders managed to defend the new breed. It was officially recognized by the International Federation of the European cat lovers (FIFE) d 1967.

Only in 1979 ,In the United States,. was legitimized a contrast  Devon Rex from the Cornish Rex. This was followed by the recognition of a new breed of the Organization of cat lovers (CFA) and

International Cat Fanciers' Association (TICA). Through the efforts of the latter in 1988. and a standard was developed.


General  view.

Cats of this breed have a unique appearance. Big eyes, round head, short muzzle, prominent cheekbones and huge, like the wings of butterflies, low-set ears make them

like elves. Subtle body, Devon Rex is well covered with a thin, delicate, soft coat with a small short wave. Wool is a kind of texture, as this

mutation is different from all other types of wool and long cultivated. Devon Rex - agile and active, with a keen interest in everything around.


A small, rounded, high cheek-bones, with full cheeks. The width of the head is nearly equal to its length. Seen from the front contour of the head as it is made up of three different lines: the shapethe outer sides of the ears, the shape of the cheekbones, the line Whiskas. The short muzzle with strong chin and pinch. Nose with a pronounced stop. Maximum length of the nose-quarter of the total length of the head. Neckmedium length, quite elegant. Mustache and eyebrows curled, rather thick, medium length.


Strikingly large, very low and widely planted, so that the outer base of the ear is below the line of the wedge, very broad at the base, with rounded tips. The ears are well coveredfine wool, they maybe be  brush, like a lynx, and ear sleeves (wool at the base of the ears).


Set far apart, large, oval-shaped, clear, shiny, their outer corners are flush with the outer base of the ears. Intense, uniform color eyemust match the coat color or, except Rex Siamese be golden-green, green or yellow.


Strong and compact. Corps.Severe (by weight) and muscular, with a rather thin boned, elegant, medium length, with a broad chest .Cats (M)  bigger than cats(F), but without disturbing the overall proportions.

The limbs and feet.

Limbs elegant but strong, rear slightly longer than the front. The feet are small and oval.


A long, sharp, thin and tapering, well covered with short hair.


A very short, thin, wavy and soft, reksov’s  without  visible of guard hairs. The shortest on the top, chest, legs, tail and belly, a little longer  than on snout, back, sides and thighs. Must completely  cover  the body. Especially thick on the back, sides, tail, legs, face, cheeks and ears less thick at the crown, neck, chest and abdomen. Many Devon Rex at the bottom of thevery sparse body hair, that should not be seen as alopecia. Nor is the lack of hair in front of a rare bases ears. Ripple effect is particularly noticeable whenholding hand on hair, particularly on the back and tail.